They definitely got off to a rocky start, but Bachelorette stars Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo are still together, and seem happier than ever four months after that dramatic finale. The pair had instant chemistry on the reality dating competition, and the passion doesn't seem to have fizzled out for the couple at all!

In an update video from ABC, the duo reveals that within days of Rachel picking Bryan, he packed up his life in Miami and headed to Dallas to move in with her. "Like you saw on the season, I'm basically all in," says Bryan while Rachel nuzzles into him. They both agreed that they're "best friends," and can't wait to show their future kids the video of "how mommy and daddy fell in love!"

But that doesn't mean that kids are right around the corner for the pair (though it's obviously something they're talking about.) Rachel says they get asked more about having kids than getting married, but that's something they plan to "take things slow in the baby department."

In November, sources revealed exclusively to Life & Style, that during a recent outing during New York Fashion Week Rachel and Bryan seemed to want to do nothing with each once the photographers disappeared. “Rachel and Bryan looked more like business partners than a couple,” the onlooker says. “They didn’t show any kind of affection. I’m shocked they haven’t officially ended things yet.” Weeks later they put up a united front in sexy Playboy-themed couples costumes on Halloween, so they're either going "all in" on faking this relationship, or they're still super in love, just not very affectionate off-camera.

Immediately following their engagement, the couple couldn't stop gushing about their wedding and starting a family together. "She wants four with the fourth being an accident down the line and I want three,” Bryan said of their future kids. "And she'll probably win in the end and we'll have four." It looks like those plans are still very much in tact, as far as we know.

The eyewitness who spotted the pair at NYFW also notes that Bryan did not help his wife-to-be when she struggled with a necklace and was instead focused on his phone. “It looked like a contractual relationship,” adds the witness, “where they had to go through the motions.” Perhaps this new video is a part of that, but they looked pretty happy to us.