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Battle of the Wonder Women: ‘Who Wore It Best’ Halloween Edition

We always like to sift through what the most popular Halloween costumes are before we settle on a choice, because god forbid we end up with a frightening costume rendition of Who Wore It Best. Unfortunately, while you can go back and delete that Sexy Pizza Rat costume from your Instagram, celebrities are stuck with a backlog of their All Hallow’s Eve ensembles: the good, the bad, and the duplicated. So now feels like the right time to look back on some of their most replicated looks from Halloween’s past and see which celebrity costume really stood out.

Now, are we shaming celebrities for going for a standard look? Not quite. Girls put on their best Leg Avenue light blue dress to be Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy Gale year after year. Some characters, like Suicide Squad style Harley Quinn, dominate the trick-or-treat trail, or some celebs, like twerk-crazy Miley Cyrus back in ’13, end up being the go-to costume of the year. And there’s always going to be an army of Sexy Cats, although rest assured if your costume is Sexy Cat then you’re most certainly not going to get an invite to Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween shindig.

Some costumes are classic, and sometimes you can do classic to perfection. We’ve seen a million Sandies in our day, but we can objectively admit that both Gwen Stefani and Gigi Hadid had great takes on the Oliva Newton John character. On the other hand, sometimes we have to roll our eyes at overdone characters. We’re already bracing ourselves for 10,000 Wonder Women this year, and maybe three or four in the Kardashian family alone.

Check out our gallery to see which celebrities have gone head-to-head dressed as the same character… and which one definitively owned their look for Halloween!