After last week’s dance battle, Whitney Thore is furious and she’s challenging the winner to a rematch!

The Big Girl Dance Class instructor spent so much time preparing her students for a dance-off against rival school Trophy Wife Fitness — she even called in choreographer Jenzi Russell as their secret weapon — and her class still lost. But in a clip from tonight’s episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life provided exclusively to Life & Style, Whitney found out that some of the judges just weren’t being fair when they handed out their scores.

“My rage has been heightened by the fact that I got my hand on the scorecards — two of the judges loved us, the other one not so much,” the 32-year-old told her students.

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Since it was her first-ever dance battle, Whitney was not aware of the rules. She didn’t know that she could have used a different song for each set, that her dancers could move outside of their “V” formation, or that they could have guest dancers — all techniques that Trophy Wife Fitness took advantage of, which gave them an edge over the Big Girl Dance Class.

Watch the full sneak peek below and be sure to catch the next episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, airing Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.

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