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‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Star Whitney Thore and Jiya Agree to a Dance Battle Rematch!

The Big Girl Dance Class and Trophy Wife Fitness are officially ready for round two!

After My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Thore got a hold of the score cards from the dance battle, she realized that their rival dance school might have won unfairly, so — spoiler alert! — she met up with Jiya, the instructor from Trophy Wife Fitness, to convince her to have a rematch.

“I have consulted my class and we have all come to the conclusion that we would like a rematch because we feel that, under a more mutual understanding of guidelines, we could win,” the 32-year-old said in an exclusive clip provided to Life & Style.

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Jiya rolled her eyes but Whitney continued to make her case. She explained that she didn’t know each group had a lot more creative freedom in terms of their style of choreography and music choices.

Whitney also thought that they were limited to how many dancers they could have on the floor — which was definitely something that Jiya took advantage of because she had a group of kids join the Trophy Wife Fitness group during the battle, which added points to their scorecards.

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“Whitney wants to talk about what’s fair and not fair, but we suspect that she didn’t even come up with her own choreography,” Jiya says. “We didn’t see any type of stuff at her class — so, all of a sudden she learned to dance? No shade, but I make up my own stuff.”

Whitney did hire choreographer Jenzi Russell to give her class an edge in the competition. But Jiya eventually agreed to face off with the Big Girl Dance Class one more time — under the condition that Whitney doesn’t hire any outside choreographers to help her with her routine and that all of the proceeds from the dance battle will be donated to charity.

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