Get Ready to Fall in Love at the Movies — Here’s Your 2018 Romance Preview

It may still be a month or so before Valentine's Day gets here, but it's never too soon to start planning date night at the movies. Romance is definitely blooming on the big screen this year, and we've got your perfect guide to it all. It starts with Forever My Girl, which is being released on Jan. 19, followed by Fifty Shades Freed on Feb. 9, which closes out the Christian Grey/Anastasia Steele story. And it goes on from there throughout the rest of 2018.

We've got one sequel with the musical Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (which serves as both a sequel and prequel to the first film), what sounds like a screwball comedy starring Mom's Anna Faris in Overboard, a remake of A Star is Born starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, a few more conventional love stories, and a couple of unique twists on romance. We're particularly looking forward to checking out Every Day and the romantic challenges that its main characters face.

So clear your calendar, line up the babysitter if you need to, and plan to get swept away by a little movie magic.