While there’s no denying that Nicole Kidman is one of the most strikingly beautiful women in Hollywood, her look has certainly changed since coming onto the scene in 1983. So much so, that every time the mother-of-four, 51, attends an awards show or is photographed in public rumblings of plastic surgery often follow.

Question is, has the longtime A-lister actually gone under the knife, or is her eternal youth as a result of good genetics and skin care? Life & Style spoke exclusively with Dr. Manish Shah, a board certified plastic surgeon in Denver, Colorado, as well as Dr. Matthew Schulman, a board certified plastic surgeon in NYC, to find out more.

While neither Dr. Shah nor Dr. Schulman has treated Nicole personally, their expert opinions lean toward Nicole having some work done.

Nicole Kidman in 2010 and Nicole Kidman in 2019
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“If I had to guess on a possible procedure, it looks like she has had a mini-facelift,” Dr. Shah began. “Her jawline is so tight and you can really outline the muscles of her neck. She also has a tell-tale shadow and crease in front of her ear that looks surgical to me,” they continued.

“She also looks like she’s had a temporal brow lift because the tail of her eyebrow looks lifted and her upper eyelid area is more hollow appearing.” Dr. Schulman insights were similar, “Nicole has always had flawless skin and this may be from good genetics or a little help from good daily skin care products, chemical peels or lasers,” they surmised.

“It appears that Botox should also get credit for the extra smooth forehead and lack of lines around her eyes. Her jawline is very tight and it is possible that she has also undergone a very mild facelift to tighten things up a bit, but without getting a good look around her ears for scars, I cannot say for sure.”