With couples breaking up left and right, there’s still hope for love in Hollywood. On Wednesday night, Nov. 14, at the Country Music Awards, Keith Urban won entertainer of the year and in his acceptance speech, he thanked his wife, Nicole Kidman. Things got pretty emotional and now we need a tissue, too. BRB! As any great wife, the actress made sure to return the love.

Keith appeared to be pretty surprised when his name got called up on stage to accept the well-deserved award. The first thing he did was thank his loving lady for all her support, which followed by some tears. “Baby girl, I love you so much, thank you,” he told Nicole, who was in the crowd. “I’m shocked, beyond shocked.”

Like any good man, the country singer immediately made sure to shout out the rest of his family, specifically their two young daughters, Sunday, 10, and Faith, 7. “Our girls at home, Fife and Munchkin, I love you. Thank you for supporting Daddy and loving me through all of what I do. Same with you, baby girl,” he said, pointing out Kidman again. “You make it all worthwhile.”

This entire time, Nicole was also in tears as she looked at her hubby pridefully in awe. She then took to social media to publicly congratulate her husband of 12 years. She recorded a Boomerang of herself holding the winner’s card, unfolding it to reveal Keith’s name on the inside. “What a night! We were so shocked. Congratulations baby. #CMAAwards,” the actress wrote on an Instagram post.

Fans chimed in to express their love for the couple and congratulated them on their overall success. One wrote, “Yes!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!” While another one added, “So sweet for Keith, for you, for the fans! And the two of you are adorable.”

Congratulations to the Australian singer on this major milestone!