In her most candid interview yet, The Bachelor’s Nikki Ferrell sits down exclusively with Life & Style to tell all! Here, she reveals how her relationship with Juan Pablo Galavis came to an end over texts and insists that it was a mutual breakup. Plus, she answers the question on everyone’s mind — did he ever say ‘I love you?’

Opening up about their breakup, Nikki exclusively tells Life & Style, “It all played out over a couple of days, right before my birthday.”

Nikki, who turned 28 on Oct. 29, shares. “We were just going back and forth through texting. He was questioning the relationship, and I was questioning it back. I sent him a message saying, ‘We should fight for this. We should work this out.’ And he didn’t respond.”

To keep it from ruining her birthday celebration, Nikki cut Juan Pablo out of her life: She posted about her anger on Instagram, blocked him on Twitter and deleted his number. She tells Life & Style, “In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have done that. I’m a tad bit impulsive.”

nikki ferrell juan pablo the bachelor

Nikki and Juan Pablo during happier times. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

After the dust settled, the couple did reconnect a few days later and acknowledged that “we both knew we were wasting each other’s time. The relationship wasn’t making us happy anymore,” she admits. “We were never a normal couple.”

She says the distance was too much for them, and neither one was willing to move and relocate for the other. “We weren’t willing to make the sacrifices or compromises to meet in the middle and make it work.”

Nikki also reveals to Life & Style that Juan Pablo did eventually come around and say “I love you” to her! She wants to keep the details private, but she tells the mag, “It was really special.”

For the full interview with Nikki, including all the details inside their relationship, the breakup and debunking all the rumors, pick up the latest issue of Life & Style, on newsstands tomorrow.