Want a hot body like Nina Agdal? Well, now we know her not-so-secrets when it comes to diet and exercise! In an exclusive interview with Life & Style, the model shared how exactly she stays in such good shape.

“I try to keep it a fine balance. I eat a lot of vegetables, obviously, like there’s no secret to it — what everyone tells you, eat your veggies, lean protein, fish mostly, but also be able to have a meal that you enjoy. Whether it’s a burger or pizza, whatever it is, and just work out regularly. Like I work out five to six days a week for an hour at least, and I do it because I feel better after. Not just because it’s supposed to be good for you, but I like it, I like the way I feel,” she said at the Thursday Boot Co NYFW Presentation, sponsored by Hooch, at Vandal on Wednesday.

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It’s obvious that whatever she does works, given all her sexy photo shoots. Over the years, she’s even worked up the confidence to pose nude. “I was definitely open to it, but the first couple of years of doing it was not the most comfortable — like, it’s something you have to learn, to be comfortable with yourself in your own skin and all of that. It’s like a normal process for everyone, not just models that have to take their clothes off. But I’m definitely super comfortable with myself now, way more than in the beginning,” she explained.

“I think you kind of get used to it, I mean I definitely get a little nervous when I know I’m going to have to strip down and whatever, but I prepare myself and obviously it’s a job so I think, because I’ve done this for so long, now it’s just natural — especially because everyone is so professional, so it just makes sense. It’s not weird or shady, it’s like a job and it’s professional.”

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