Fans Think Kim Kardashian Is Taming North’s Curls, and They Might Be on to Something

At only four years old, North West has already had her own style evolution. From wearing mini-me versions of her mom Kim Kardashian's clothes to twinning with her cousin Penelope Disick, she's definitely the most stylish celebrity kid. In addition to clothes, her trademark curly hair has undergone its own transformation. Just a few years ago, her hair was a tightly-curled 'fro that Kim would brush into a bun. But today, North's gorgeous curls are suspiciously looser. Fans suspect Kim is using a chemical treatment, like a texturizer, to elongate North's curls to make them more manageable. "Every time I see a pick of north west, I get annoyed that it’s very clear Kim is tryin to train her hair," a fan tweeted. "It was a pic the other day where it was apparent the top half of her hair was very damaged and manipulated."

Kim has been pretty vocal about not knowing how to style North's hair. In an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim admitted that the reason she styled North's hair in tight buns was because she didn't know what to do with it. "As a mom, you don't wanna have to tell her, 'I don't know how to do your hair,'" she explained on the show. "All you can really do is try your best, and just keep on learning and keep on practicing." In 2015, Radar reported that Kim and hubby Kanye West were feuding over how to style their daughter's hair. "The idea of North leaving the house with crazy curly hair is upsetting to Kim," the source said.

But over the past year, North's trademark too-tight buns have suspiciously been replaced with loose, flowy locks. Either Kim has finally started taking North to a hair professional or, what fans' fear, Kim has started chemically straightening her daughter's hair to make it more manageable. Although this is all speculation, you have to admit that something's up. Below, before-and-after photos that show how North's hair has evolved over the years.