What It’s Really Like Being Kim Kardashian’s Kid From North West’s Point of View

At only four years old, North West already has a reputation, which is a strange thing to say about someone who's not even in kindergarten yet. But thanks to dozens of paparazzi photos of the celebrity tyke scowling, glaring, and sometimes even shouting at photographers, fans have dubbed her "sassy." They turn her adorable face into GIFs, they make memes out of her pictures, and even start parody accounts in her voice. Although North might seem like a humorously expressive little girl to fans, the reality is a lot different. From North's perspective, she's just a kid who's being forced to endure constant media attention and aggressive paparazzi. They flash cameras at her on her way to ballet practice, they wait for her in the parking lot, and they swarm her stroller at airports. When she screams at them, she's not being "feisty," she's feeling scared. You have to admit, that's a lot for a four-year-old to take.

Even Kim Kardashian has admitted that North hates camera flashes. One time, in a Snapchat video, North screamed, "No flash!" when she thought Kim was going to take a picture of her. So can you imagine how the mini Kim-lookalike reacts when confronted with dozens of photographers screaming and flashing their cameras at her? It's probably a nightmare. But when you're the child of one of the most famous women in America, there's a lot you have to put up with. But to help you empathize, here's what it's like to be a celebrity kid from North's point-of-view.