We might just have a Picasso in the Kar-Jenner fam, y’all. Kourtney Kardashian took to her Instagram Stories to share the cutest drawing of her daughter, Penelope Disick, by none other than her BFF and cousin North West. Believe it or not, the intricate piece of artwork both looked exactly like her pal … and not at all like her at the same time, LOL.

“Penelope by North,” the 40-year-old mama captioned the elaborate drawing, seemingly done with colored pencil (you know, based on the strokes) on November 11. Level with us, though — doesn’t it look a little like the 7-year-old? We’re pretty impressed with North, also 7, and her ability to capture P’s essence, not gonna lie.


But, honestly, it’s no surprise that P would end up as Northie’s artistic muse. The twosome are known for being extremely close and definitely give us #CousinGoals vibes. “North and Penelope call each other sisters, that’s how close they are,” an insider told Life & Style exclusively back in June.

“They want to do everything together. It’s hard to take them anywhere separately. They call each other on the phone, they beg for playdates most days and they’ll have sleepovers on the weekend,” the source continued. “They’re always playing dress up and doing each other’s makeup with fake makeup kits that Kim [Kardashian] gives them.” These two sound like the dream team, don’t you think?


Plus, these little babes have plans together. “North and Penelope want to start a band together, they’re always singing and performing for their parents,” the insider explained. “North is a lot girlier than Penelope who likes to be outside more than in the glam chair like North, but they’re a good balance for each other. They go to school together, but they won’t be able to be in the same class — just like twins aren’t allowed in the same class!”

It looks as though history really does repeat itself, y’all. “Kris [Jenner] and Kourt and Kim all think it’s so adorable because they really are as close as Kim and Kourt were growing up,” the insider gushed about the family dynamic. We’ll be waiting for P to pick up the ~pen~ and draw Northie next — hopefully!