It wouldn’t be the Met Gala without everyone’s favorite twins showing out on the red carpet with their iconic prune faces! And show out they did. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen‘s 2018 Met Gala looks are everything we could have wanted — and then some! The 31-year-old sisters are somehow channeling both Bohemian and Game of Thrones vibes all at once. Think Cersei Lannister meets Coachella.

olsen twins 2018 met gala

As with all things Olsen stylings, the Internet definitely had something to say about what the identical fashionistas were rocking for the biggest red carpet of the year — and, unsurprisingly, it was a mixed bag of complete adoration sprinkled with sheer horror.

“Just before the Olsen Twins shed their human skin,” mocked one Twitter hater. To be fair, Mary Kate’s face is looking stretched a little thin, just sayin’.

“My fav part of the met gala is when the olsen twins emerge from whatever formaldehyde they spend the year in to float along like 2008 fashion ghouls,” commented one particularly imaginative Twitter user.

Then there were the fans — albeit a small, but vocal minority. “I’m never going to say anything bad about the Olsen twins so let’s just appreciate the fact that they are here,” wrote one of the brave Olsen lovers. Another brave fan really just went for it — and we can appreciate that kind of spark. “MY QUEENS. OLSEN TWINS CAN DO NO WRONG,” they wrote. Yes, in all caps.

Remember, the Met Gala comes but once a year. Enjoy the rare MK & A sighting. It’ll be another 365 days before it happens again. Sigh.