Last month, Louis Tomlinson‘s biological father Troy Austin reportedly tried to commit suicide – but it wasn’t over his estranged relationship with the One Direction member.

The 46-year-old appeared in court today in regards to his arrest that took place on the night of his suicide attempt, Aug. 20. According to police reports, Troy was found drunk in his car and refused to take a breathalyzer test. It was also revealed that he had tried to gas himself in the parked car.

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one direction

Louis Tomlinson (center) with his One Direction bandmates.

Troy’s brother Terry opened up about the incident and revealed that his brother’s tipping point had nothing to do with the 1D member.

“This isn’t about Louis — this is about pressure between Troy and his brother Dean and a legal battle between them about their hotel,” he told Hollywood Life.

louis tomlinson and his mom

Louis Tomlinson with his mom Johannah Deakin.

Troy divorced Louis’s mom when he was just five-years-old, and since then the boyband member hasn’t had much contact with his biological father. In fact, when his mom remarried, Louis took his step-father’s surname.

“Troy has found it difficult to be a father to Louis because he hasn’t had a father figure himself,” Terry added. “Troy knows he has made mistakes with Louis, but all we want to do is be proud of Louis and what he has achieved.”