Harry Styles is definitely a ladies man!

Last night, boy band sensation One Direction dropped by the X Factor to perform two songs. Though they left the stage with loud applause — it was Harry who left with something extra: two kisses from host Khloé Kardashian!

After Niall Horan pointed out to Harry backstage, “You have Khloé Kardashian’s lip marks on your face,” Life & Style had to jump in.

“That’s the second kiss you got from her tonight?” we asked Harry, to which he replied, “I feel like I’m on an episode of the Kardashians.”

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And Khloé seems to be just as smitten.

“They [One Direction] are amazing and so charming,” she tells Life & Style. “Who does not like a guy with an accent? They are so fun and really sweet.”

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But fear not fans! Khloé’s a married lady and strictly friends with these boys.

How do you think the 28-year-old is faring as co-host on the X Factor? Leave us a comment below and weigh in!