Four-and-a-half years after Orange Is the New Black premiered on Netflix, so much — seriously, SO much — has changed. Diehard fans of the series have seen the cast through everything — from Red Reznikov’s fall to Dayanara’s pregnancy drama. Oh, not to mention that casual little riot that happened after — WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! — Officer Bailey killed Poussey.

orange is the new black riot

With Season 6 of the series coming in hot — set to debut in early 2018 — fans are ready to find out what could possibly happen next at Litchfield. When we last saw the inmates, the riot was ending and several of the survivors were holding hands in Frieda’s secret bunker, waiting for the CERT guards to storm the gates and capture them. Keep scrolling to see just how far each character has come!

Uzo Aduba — aka Suzanne “Crazy Eyes”

Since finding fame on OITNB, Uzo has won two Emmys for her role, and her character has been the focus of crucial plot lines involving mental health, racism, and more.

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Danielle Brooks — aka Tastee

Tastee, as we know her today, is a far cry from the comic relief she provided in Season 1. Enraged and grief-stricken over the death of her best friend Poussey in Season 4, Danielle Brooks’ on-screen character not only incites the riot that occurs after Poussey’s murder, but also calls most of the shots throughout Season 5 while negotiating with representatives from MCC.

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Kate Mulgrew — aka “Red” Reznikov

Red, a longtime fan-favorite, has since left the kitchen, something viewers once thought impossible. In most of Season 5, everyone’s fave Russian spent an exorbitant amount of time obsessing over Piscatella and predicting his arrival despite the Litchfield lockdown.

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Selenis Leyva — aka Gloria Mendoza

Once promoted to head honcho of the kitchen after the downfall of Red, Mendoza was sent to Litchfield for engaging in food stamp fraud. By Season 5, Mendoza has transformed into Dayanara’s jail mom after Aleida Diaz is freed.

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Natasha Lyonne — aka Nicky Nichols

The real-life Nicky Nichols has been shocking fans with a seriously new look as of late. But on-screen, Nicky returned from Maximum Security, and during the riot, resumes her relationship with ex Lorna after the duo gains control of the pharmacy and all of its highly-coveted contents.

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Dascha Polanco — aka Dayanara Diaz

Daya was impregnated by a guard in Season 1, but Season 5 saw a whole new side of Aleida’s daughter. After getting a gun and shooting a different guard, Dascha’s character showed unprecedented leadership leading up to the riot.

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Yael Stone — aka Lorna Morello Muccio

He put a ring on it! Now happily (sort of) married to Vincent Muccio, Lorna has gotten the fairytale love she always dreamt of. You know, except for restarting her affair with Nicky during the riot in Season 5 when the duo takes control of the pharmacy.

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Adrienne C. Moore — aka Black Cindy

Like her on-screen BFF Tastee, so much of Black Cindy’s character was originally meant as comic relief. She converts to Judaism (mostly for the kosher plate at meal time) and becomes an Internet meme after drinking a frappuccino in a video showing Caputo addressing Poussey’s death.

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Lea DeLaria — aka Big Boo

No longer masturbating with a screwdriver stolen from the penitentiary’s workshop, Big Boo — also, but rarely known as Carrie — becomes besties with Pennsatucky, pretends she’s a lawyer, and oddly enough, ends up in a complicated romance with Linda Ferguson, the Director of Purchasing for MCC.

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Taryn Manning — aka Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett

In recent seasons, Taryn Manning’s Jesus-loving character has traded cross wielding for a brand new set of teeth. She also chopped off her signature long locks for a short ‘do years after being incarcerated for shooting up a Planned Parenthood.

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Elizabeth Rodriguez — aka Aleida Diaz

She’s free! Elizabeth Rodriguez’s character Aleida was freed at the end of Season 4. Fans of the series have seen the character completely transform as a mother in recent years. At the end of Season 5, Aleida is so invested in her daughter’s safety that she breaks her friendship with Mendoza, who was supposed to watch over Daya.

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Taylor Schilling — aka Piper Chapman

What a journey Piper’s been through. After assimilating to prison life, making friends, and learning the ropes, Taylor Schilling’s once goody two shoes character has endured nasty breakups, spearheaded an illegal panty business, and been kidnapped by a guard gone rogue.

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Laverne Cox — aka Sophia Burset

From the prison salon to the SHU to serving as an impromptu EMT, transgender Sophia was a firefighter before transitioning. Her medical training from her former career came in handy during Season 5 when many people were injured during the riot.

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Laura Prepon — aka Alex Vause

When we first started Orange Is the New Black, Alex Vause was very much the one to hate — after all, she is the reason Piper is incarcerated. Since then, we’ve seen Laura‘s character commit murder (for the greater good), struggle with her sins, and watch — heartbreakingly — as Piscatella kidnaps her and mercilessly breaks her arm.

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