Is Total Divas star Paige already married to her fiancé Alberto Del Rio?

The WWE wrestler took to Twitter to release a heartfelt statement in the wake of her nude photo and sex tape scandal and multiple times during the lengthy statement, Paige referred to Alberto as her husband!

"I made a big mistake. Huge. I put trust in the hands of someone that took advantage of a young girl years ago. It was my mistake and I'll always take responsibility," the 24-year-old wrote. "But the one thing that was the hardest was thinking, 'my husband is gonna leave me,' 'my family will disown me.' But I'm blessed beyond words to have a family and a husband that stuck by me because they know who I am."

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As of yet, it is unclear who hacked into Paige's nude photos and sex tape and leaked them to the website Celeb Jihad, but it seems like Paige's husband is blaming their former company. Alberto defended Paige after her hack, slammed the WWE, and revealed that the couple is actually getting married this week.

"[It] doesn't matter how many times you try to break us… [it's] not gonna happen. We were harassed by a company, we still are…cause you don't fool me," the 39-year-old wrote in the caption. "I know you [were] trying to destroy us… destroy my baby… she's better, stronger than all of you. We are getting married Wednesday. Have a nice [day]."

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Both Paige and Alberto have had a strained relationship with the WWE ever since the couple went public with their relationship last May. Then in August of last year, they were both suspended for violating the company's wellness policy.

Last September, Alberto opted out of his contract with the company, PWPIX reported. Paige hasn't returned since her suspension, partly because she is still recovering from a neck injury, according to Heavy.

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But two months after they were both suspended from the WWE, Paige surprised her boyfriend after his wrestling match in Puerto Rico when she got down on her knees in the ring and proposed — and he said yes! Now it seems like they're finally ready to take their trip down the aisle together.