Who knew the mob still freaked people out so much!

Parents have been forced to complain anonymously about a Halloween costume being sold at Bee Tween, a Staten Island pre-teen boutique, because of its alleged association to the mafia.

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The store is owned by Janine Detore, sister of Mob Wives star Big Ang, who are the nieces of former Genoves crime boss, Salvatore “Sally Dogs” Lombardi.

big ang

Big Ang and Janine in 2012.

The clothing at the center of the controversy? A shirt with a picture of two bees dressed as ghosts that reads, “Boo Bees.”

boo bees
Bee Tween

“I would go to the store and say something, but I’m afraid Big Ang may come after me,” one mother wrote to the New York Post, while another said, “It figures that store is associated with Big Ang. We just gotta watch out she doesn’t put a hit out on us.”

Detore says the shirt is not inappropriate because “Boo Bees” is meant to be taken literally. “The boo stands for the costume, they’re ghosts. The bees not only stands for actual bees, but we call our clients bees because they are bee-tween, just turning into a teenager and up,” she says.

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The store also states the shirt’s being sold as part of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

What do you think of the costume?