We'd like to think that NO ONE is living for the current squiggly eyebrows trend that has seemingly taken the Internet by storm — and YouTuber Patrick Starrr totally agrees that this beauty hack needs to die.

"[I hate] all of these crazy [trends] that keep going viral for no reason. I think it's what we call in the YouTube land 'clickbait' videos — squiggly brows, I've seen these nose hair trends, the full-face glitter — I just love good, beautiful makeup. I love editorial makeup, fashion makeup, runway, red carpet, drag makeup — all of the above except squiggly brows and nose hairs." Patrick exclusively told Life & Style via phone on Friday.

While Patrick has made over a ton of celebs, there is one in particular left on the wish list. "I really want to do Tyra Banks' makeup," the beauty guru gushed. "I love her. I have worked with her and I think it's so full-circle to have worked with her on a YouTube video. I've worked with Annelise Van der Pol and Raven Symoné doing their makeup, and it's kind of like my generation of television with That's So Raven and I think it's so, so cool — so I think Tyra Banks then I'll be good. I would love to work with Zendaya as well, too — Jennifer Hudson."

Life & Style spoke with Patrick ahead of the American Influencer Awards on Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017 — which is being hosted by both Patrick fellow YouTube star Kandee Johnson. "I literally do not have any predictions. My strategy is if I just look damn amazing, then it'll be good," the social media mogul said of the upcoming show.

"If my outfit is good and I wear something like obnoxiously loud and glamorous, people will just pay attention and have a great time. And Kandee is so amazing. I think it will be such a good time and it's so surreal to even just know her and work with her."

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