Personal Trainer Reveals How She Got a Kardashian-Esque Butt From Working Out!

Personal trainer Courtney Black has more than 152,000 followers on Instagram, and her butt is partly to thank!

The blonde beauty claims to have achieved her Kardashian-esque booty through a set of rigorous workouts.

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“Ignore the popular squat challenges. There is no way you'll ever get a Kim Kardashian butt by doing 100 squats every day,” Black told the Daily Mail. “It doesn't make you magically grow a bum as a lot of online challenges will have you believe — all it does is burn some calories.”

In fact, the Brit explained that women wanting a pert derrière like the reality stars should focus less on cardiovascular exercise. “Lifting weights and pushing yourself in every session is key to getting that Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner shape,” she shared. “Growing your legs and upper body whilst keeping your waist slim is what creates that hourglass look.”

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The 20-year-old revealed she was successfully able to change her look this way. “You can see from my before and after photos that I don't naturally have a curvy body — achieving an hourglass shape is something I've worked at,” she said. “I'm naturally quite a straight body shape with no curves — so I focus on growing my legs, glutes, and my shoulders to give the illusion of a smaller waist.”

Black added that she’s become much more confident since gaining curves. “When I was younger, I just wanted to be as skinny as I could. I loved long skinny legs and tiny little waists,” she admitted. “I lost so much weight that people would comment on my Instagram saying that I looked like I was dying.”

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I was going to post this tonight but I'm just too impatient 😂Looking back at my old youtube videos and my own personal transformation story. Now not all the videos are backed up on my computer (you can see all the old ones on my channel) but these are a few I could find. Its crazy to notice how much muscle I have gained due to hard work, training and eating right. I am so driven to carry on my progress in 2017 and years and years to come. I want to help girls achieve the body and lifestyle they desire and have so many exciting new ideas. For now please do support me by subscribing to my youtube channel where I am posting footage regularly. Workouts, vlogs the lot. I hope you enjoyed this short transformation video showing how far I have come and thank you for supporting my journey all 132k of you! Lets get me to that 150 mark!

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But, these days, “I love my curves now and I'm truly ashamed of how I used to eat and exercise. I want to show other people how unnecessary it is to starve yourself or cut out certain food groups from your diet. Put your health first and worry about your image second.”

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