Cultured kiddos! Prince William and Kate Middleton’s firstborn son, Prince George, and their daughter, Princess Charlotte, are quite the worldly pair. “They’re bilingual and can already speak fluent Spanish, thanks to their nanny Maria Barrallo,” a source exclusively revealed to Life & Style. “Even Louis is picking up certain words and tries to say ‘Hola.'”

As a quick reminder, George is 6 years old, Charlotte is 4 years old and Louis is only 15 months! “Charlotte and George are well ahead of a majority of their school friends in the language department,” the insider noted. “William, who speaks five languages — English, French, Swahili, Welsh and Gaelic  — asked Maria to introduce Spanish to the kids at an early age so that it would come naturally to them and it’s worked.”

Prince George, Princess Charlotte

Of course, William and Kate’s incredible parenting doesn’t stop at their emphasis on education. In fact, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, both 37, are determined to raise their children as normally as possible. William’s late mother, Princess Diana, “made it her mission to give her kids everyday experiences,” an additional source told Life & Style, “and William and Kate are huge believers in carrying on that tradition.”

As it happens, part of those “everyday experiences” includes chores. “They’ve started putting their toys away after playtime,” the insider said. “William and Kate don’t want them growing up thinking everything will be done for them.” That said, the proud parents also make sure there’s plenty of time reserved for fun — especially on the weekends. “They bake and decorate cakes together,” the source expressed. “By the end of it, they’re all covered in flour and icing, but they love it.”

How sweet … literally! “Family is everything to them, and they couldn’t be happier,” the insider concluded.

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