Just when we thought royal wedding fever was starting to die down, we get wind of this! As anyone who watched on May 19 knows, Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy showed up to his nuptials looking all sorts of salty that she wasn’t the bride-to-be. That said, the two have remained friends over the years, and seeing as British monarchs are painfully polite, it only makes sense that she was there.

However, it turns out that the story of her invitation is a lot more ~scandalous~ than we thought. According to Vanity Fair, the former teenage sweethearts shared an emotional phone call days prior to Harry tying the knot. “It was their final call, a parting call in which they both acknowledged Harry was moving on,” a source told VF. “Chelsy was quite emotional about it all, she was in tears and almost didn’t go to the wedding.”

chelsy davy

The same source explained that in addition to closure, Chelsy wanted to have a word with Harry about not being invited to the wedding reception. “In the end, she went [to the wedding] and promised Harry she wouldn’t try and gatecrash the party,” the insider revealed.

If you’re feeling sorry for Chelsy, don’t! She wasn’t cut out for the royal life. The now 32-year-old revealed in a 2016 interview with People that their split was for the best. “It was so full-on: crazy, and scary, and uncomfortable. I found it very difficult when it was bad. I couldn’t cope,” she explained about her time dating a prince. “I think we will always be good friends.”

See? Meghan Markle‘s got nothing to worry about. She and Harry are sure to live happily ever after.