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Social media influencer Bryce Hall has partnered with Dog For Dog, a cause-based dog food and products company founded by Ryan Kavanaugh, Snoop Dogg and Michael Bublé in 2011. As an investor and partner in the company, Bryce is helping to promote the cause of providing high-quality, natural dog food and supplements, while also donating a portion of Dog For Dog’s net sales to help dogs in need.

As part of the partnership, Dog For Dog has launched a new website called “Bryce’s Dog House” at BrycesDogHouse.com. This site will offer exclusive products, giveaways and other offerings only available to Bryce’s fans and followers. The goal is to bring the best possible dog products to first-time dog owners and educate people on the importance of helping dogs in need.

Dog For Dog is committed to creating innovative products that improve and extend the health of dogs. They specialize in high-quality, natural dog food, treats, supplements and other products that use breakthroughs in medicine, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, nutrition and genetics. The company’s primary products include DogsFood, Dogsbutter (an all-natural peanut butter line made especially for dogs), Dogstreats and Dogsbars.

According to Ryan Kavanaugh, founder of Dog For Dog, “Dog For Dog is not just a company but a movement. Our goal is to use the latest advancements in science and medicine to extend the quality and lifespan of dogs.” To date, Dog For Dog has donated over one million pounds of dog food, with the aim of donating four million pounds in the future to help get shelters to “zero kill.”

Bryce Hall is passionate about ending the needless killings of dogs in shelters and educating his generation about the importance of helping shelter dogs. “I have always loved dogs,” said Bryce, “which is why I put my time and money behind such a worthy company. To stand side by side with industry titans like Snoop, Michael, and Ryan is an honor, and I am committed to making sure my generation understands the importance of helping shelter dogs and Dog For Dog’s mission.”

Dog For Dog’s program has evolved from donating a meal to a dog in a shelter or rescue organization for every product sold to giving a significant portion of its profit to provide resources for organizations to reach even more dogs in need. This program is designed to help provide much-needed nutrition to dogs who may not otherwise have access to high-quality food.

Founders Snoop Dogg and Michael Bublé are both passionate dog lovers who share the same commitment to providing the best possible care for their own pets. “Michael and I believe in giving our own dogs the best possible nutrition,” said Snoop Dogg, “and we wanted to extend that same quality to all dogs. We’re proud to offer high-quality, natural products through Dog For Dog, and to give back to dogs in shelters in need.”