What Are Rebel Wilson’s Siblings’ Names? Meet Liberty, Annachi, and Ryot Wilson!

Rebel Wilson has the cutest family! When she’s not showing off her impressive weight loss or being a mega-famous actress in Hollywood, she’s spending time with her siblings: Liberty, Annachi, and Ryot Wilson! While the siblings didn’t exactly get bit by the show business bug like the Pitch Perfect star, Liberty and Ryot got a small taste of fame when they competed on the television show Amazing Race Australia back in 2011.

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Ryot and Liberty Wilson

“There’s four kids in our family and when we were growing up our mom and dad always encouraged plenty of debate, opinions and laughs around the dinner table. We’re all outspoken,” Liberty said of Rebel and her siblings when competing on the show.

Liberty Wilson took on the family business in Australia. (Dogs are involved.)

According to Rebel, her sis was named for the British department store, Liberty London. And she’s determined to keep up with the Wilson family tradition of “unusual” names.” She’s said, “I’ve really grown to love the fact I have an unusual name… I wanted to keep that tradition going.” In fact, she’s done just that with her daughter (and Rebel’s niece), Sovereign, who was born in Apr. 2016.

Liberty works in the family business and runs a dog kennel with their mom in Sydney. Rebel said on The Daily Show about her dog-breeding family, “My great-grandmother started the Beagle Club in Australia, so my family is very into dogs.”

Rebel’s short-lived ABC show, Super Fun Night, was inspired by her relationship with her sister. She tweeted that the concept for the series actually sprung from something she did with her sister Liberty called Friday Night Fun Night.

Annachi Wilson is the youngest Wilson sister — but she’s super close to her famous sib.

Rebel’s youngest sister goes by the name Annachi, and has attended a few red carpets with her famous older sis. Although not much is known about Annachi’s personal life, the actress says that she is “very close” to her sisters. After a fan told Rebel that she should go to Tim Horton’s, the actress revealed that her younger sis Annachi was an exchange student in Toronto and loves the Canadian coffee and donuts chain.

annachi wilson ryot

Annachi and Ryot Wilson

Ryot Wilson is Rebel’s only male sibling!

Rebel’s brother gained a bit of fame on Amazing Race Australia with Liberty, although his life has noticeably been out of the public eye now. He’s an online poker player, and has recently been spotted playing tennis doubles with his famous sister.

It sounds like these four have always been a tight-knit group — and it shows just how close they are in these photos! Check out photos of Rebel with her family in the gallery below!