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‘Return to Amish’ Season 6 Features New and Returning Cast: Meet the Stars of the TLC Show

New season, new stories. Return to Amish season 6 premiered on March 22 and featured new and old cast members. The previous season ended in 2019, so needless to say, fans were excited for the long-awaited launch of another season. 

Jeremiah Raber and his wife, Carmella, are two stars who returned to the TLC show, which is a spinoff of Breaking Amish. Season 6 will document Jeremiah’s journey to get to know his birth father. It appears they have some sort of relationship these days because the reality star shared a photo with the same man who appears to be his father in teaser videos on March 3 via Instagram. 

Jeremiah and Carmella appear to be in a much better place since season 4, where their marriage troubles were a major plot line. The couple wed in 2016, but one year later, their relationship was on the rocks and his bride packed up their kids and relocated to Washington.

“When I try to talk to you, you shut me down. I have no one to talk to — I can’t even talk to my family,” Carmela said at the time. “You treated me like crap all the time. I’ve never been so disrespected in my life. That is not right. I would do anything for you and you know that, and I feel like you’re taking advantage of that and I don’t like it. That is why I have to get away. Yes, I love you but it doesn’t give you the right to treat me like s–t. I have to stand up for myself.” Luckily, their marriage survived the turmoil.

Another familiar face on season 6 is Sabrina Burkholder, who had some big changes in her life over the past few years. She and boyfriend Jethro Not are expecting another child — a baby girl — on the show, and she is one year sober. She welcomed a son named Zekiah with Jethro in March 2019. Sabrina also has daughters Oakley and Arianna.

“They are adopted, they live with family,” the TLC star said about her daughters in March 2019. “But I can’t say anything else about them. I promised their mother that I would leave them out of the spotlight …They are doing great though.” She said at the time she had “full legal and physical custody” of Zekiah.

“Jethro’s father is a preacher in the conservative Mennonite church, and so we’ve known each other for a long time,” Sabrina previously told In Touch about her man in January 2019. “This [third] pregnancy has been great to me … I’m excited to have a boy! God has redeemed me and I am so grateful.”

The show will also introduce Rosanna and Maureen, two friends who are leaving their Amish community and traveling to join Jeremiah, Carmella and Sabrina on a new journey of “firsts” in their “English” life.

“Rosanna’s sheltered life hasn’t prepared her to deal with the stress of the English, or non-Amish, world, but she’s determined to soak up her new surroundings,” TLC wrote in a press release. “Maureen is similarly excited to experience the English world and a budding relationship has the potential to help her acclimate even faster.”

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