There’s always drama on Real Housewives of Orange County and it never seems to end — even when you’re not on the show anymore. Alum Alexis Bellino‘s ex-husband, Jim Bellino, got serious on his blog about his longstanding feud with current RHOC stars Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador in a post published on March 1.

“It’s unfortunate that I have to speak out on matters that I have attempted to keep private,” the 56-year-old began his blog post. “And that others continue to attempt to portray me and my family in a false light.”

He is, of course, referring to Tamra, 51, and Shannon, 55, whom Jim took legal action against in June 2018 after the Housewives made “slanderous comments” about him on Heather McDonald‘s podcast “Juicy Scoop.” But those comments were just the breaking point in what Jim details as a feud that has been going on for multiple years.

“The purpose of this blog post is to state the facts regarding this case and to bring everyone up to speed on what has transpired since,” Jim wrote, and TBH, the post is a pretty level headed and detailed account of the former RHOC husband’s point of view.

He explained that the feud with Tamra started back in 2011 when she called him a “faux Christian,” despite the fact that he has a theology degree. Following that, Jim alleged that she called him a “cocaine dealer,” unprovoked, in 2012. He also revealed that he sent several cease and desist letters to Tamra over the years, but was unable to successfully stop her from making remarks.

Finally, after years of back and forth, Jim filed a lawsuit against Tamra and Shannon, who was on the podcast with her as her partner-in-crime. The lawsuit came the same month he filed for divorce from Alexis. Talk about some legal drama.

“This, I knew, would be a defining moment — I chose to react and defend myself,” he explained of his decision to take action. “If I were to have retreated, the abuse would have continued on and on as it has for years.”

Ultimately though, it seems as though the former Real Housewives hubby is dedicated to stopping the mouthy blonde at all costs, now that he’s got the ball rolling. “In closing, I know many of you feel the same way I do about Tamra Judge, and some of you have also been victims,” he ended his post. “I am committed and resolved to stand up for myself and the many others who have been forced to endure Tamra Judge’s malicious attacks for such a long time.”