After a long cancer battle, country singer Joey Feek has passed away in her home in Alexandria, Ind., surrounded by close family.

Her husband, Rory announced the sad news on his blog, This Life I Live, posting a sweet tribute to his late love, where he revealed that the family will soon be moving back to Tennessee after months spent in the late singer's hometown.

"After four-and-a-half months in Indiana, we will soon be back home in Tennessee," Rory wrote. "Me, and our little one, with our older daughters. It’s hard for me to imagine being there without Joey, but at the same time… it is where she wants us to be. It’s where she will be… She’s gonna be in the mint growing beside our back deck, the sweet-corn frozen in our freezer and a million other places that her hand and heart has touched around our little farmhouse and community. Joey will still be with us. Everywhere."

The country pair, who made up the duo Joey + Rory were married in June 2002 after two months of dating, and are parents to Indiana, 2, and Rory is father to two daughters, Heidi, 29, and Hopie, 27, from a previous relationship.

The star took to his blog on Friday to reveal that his wife passed away that same afternoon.

"My wife’s greatest dream came true today. She is in Heaven," Rory wrote of his wife, who passed at the age of 40. "The cancer is gone, the pain has ceased and all her tears are dry. At 2:30 this afternoon, as we were gathered around her, holding hands and praying.. my precious bride breathed her last. And a moment later took her first breath on the other side."

The singer had been battling cancer since 2014, and in late 2015 saw it aggressively spread throughout her body. Three months before her death, she entered hospice care and has been surrounded and celebrated by friends, family, and colleagues alike.

Now, her husband reveals, the family will be moving to Tennessee and will continue the legacy she has left.

"So if it’s okay, I’m gonna close, wipe my tears and pack our bags to hit the road headed south," he concluded the emotional post. "She’s already got a head-start on me."