While millions of people will be watching Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding from home, a thousand lucky individuals will get to experience the ceremony in person. Although being a guest to the most important wedding of the decade is an honor, it's not exactly as luxurious as you'd think. From strict seating charts to lack of bathrooms, watch our video above to see what it's really like to be a guest at the royal wedding.


One person who was lucky to be invited to Kate Middleton and Prince William's wedding was Duncan Larcombe, an editor at The Sun. According to him, the wedding was unlike any he had ever attended. "It's a very weird experience, kind of like sitting in Madame Tussauds with moving waxwork," he told Elle last year. "It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. You know when you're there that you're watching history unfold in front of your eyes. It's not like any wedding I've ever been to. If you like people watching there's probably nothing better than a royal wedding. There isn't a room that has that many famous and royal people all under one roof."

Although the ceremony was an amazing day to be a part of, he described it as very traditional. Only about a hundred people in attendance personally knew the bride and groom. The rest of the guest list was full of diplomats, celebrities, and foreign officials. But despite having such a formal and traditional wedding, the married couple found little ways to make it personable. "It was very obvious that while they had to go by protocol, absolutely everything they physically could have done to put their own stamp on the day, they did," he said. "I think the trees inside Westminster Abbey were Kate's touch. You could see the little touches that were important to the bride and groom on a day that really wasn't their's, it was everybody's. That's probably one of the things about royal weddings."

Considering Harry is known for breaking royal traditions, his wedding might be a tad more contemporary. Although we're bummed that we weren't invited, at least we'll be able to watch the ceremony in our jammies.