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From Rom-Coms to ‘Deadpool’, Ryan Reynolds Has Been in Some Awesome Movies

The marriage of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds has inspired a lot of headlines, but thanks to the success of Deadpool — and growing anticipation for Deadpool 2Ryan Reynolds movies have become an even bigger deal as far as his fans and Hollywood are concerned.

In the first decade of his career, the actor co-starred on the television series Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place (1998-2001), and scored roles in films like Ordinary Magic (1993), The Alarmist (1997), Coming Soon and Dick (both 1999), We All Fall Down and Boltneck (2000), Buying the Cow, The In-Laws and Foolproof (all 2003), and Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004). After, that, he began his climb to the top.

But what are the secrets of his success? In talking to Men's Health, Ryan gave four possible reasons: 1. "Never Complain", 2. "Be Punctual" (because otherwise you're saying to people that their time means nothing to you), 3. "Try Listening" (rather than being so focused on your own mindset), and, most importantly, 4. "Respect Everyone". "When I'm making a movie, I make sure every member of the crew feels included," he has said. "I'll change a line in the script just to make Doug the gaffer laugh." While we're not sure how much the screenwriter cares about Doug the gaffer, we think that's a pretty cool philosophy to have and, for us, a main reason that we wanted to put the following film guide together.