It's no secret that Scott Disick likes the finer things in life, and his house is no exception. Despite constantly leaving it to fly on private jets and go on vacation all over the world, his home base is actually really awesome. Tucked away in Hidden Hills, the Kardashian ex has a pretty sweet set up at his $5.96 million home. It's got plenty of space for everybody — whether that's for his three kids, his friends, or his girlfriend of the moment, which you probably know is currently 19-year-old Sofia Richie. The downstairs of the mansion is huge and open, and the upstairs is packed full of six bedrooms. There's even an attached guest suite with its own entrance for people to come and go on their own. And, of course, it's fabulously decorated. Watch the video above to take a tour through Scott's home.

Using his creative eye, Lord Disick has filled the place with art and comfortable, homey touches. It's no shock though if you've ever seen his Instagram. The star is obsessed with home decor and interior design, constantly posting inspiration and rooms that he's come across and loves. But it is a little surprising since Scott apparently only bought this house to flip. After purchasing it for almost $6 million back in 2016, he listed it for $8.8 million just a few months later. No one snatched it up quickly enough, but it is now available to rent — if you've got a cool $60,000 a month to spend.

If you're interested in living like a jet-setting star (or, like, actually want to live in an awesome house in California for more than a few weeks at a time), you can check out the home and all its real esate pics online. In addition to 8,110 square feet of space, there's also a basketball area, pool, spa, and fire pit. Hey, we don't know about you, but we're ready to move in. Now we just have to scrounge up that $60,000 for the first month.