When it comes to home decor, you either have a knack for it or you don’t — or you take advice from someone who does. If you’re in that latter category, you’re going to want to continue reading. World-renowned interior designer Jonathan Adler exclusively dished to Life & Style on his most important tip for sprucing up your space as the winter months kick in … and even once the weather gets a little warmer, too.

“In the summer, I tend to just look around and think, ‘I need less stuff.’ And then when winter rolls around, I’m like, ‘I just want more stuff,'” the famed decorator said while promoting his new collaboration with Peroni. “So, to me, it’s really just an editing thing. So, when you’re putting away your winter coats for the season, take out a few decorative accessories while you’re at it. And then re-zhuzh with them. It’s from fresh to cozy.”

Jonathan Adler x Peroni
Courtesy of Jonathan Adler

Another solid tip the 53-year-old gave was about storing your seasonal knickknacks, which can sometimes be tough when you accumulate so many goodies. “If you have a place to put your winter coats, make a place to put your other stuff as well,” he noted.

One thing the artist doesn’t subscribe to when it comes to home design, though, is Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese tactic used for creating harmony and balance in a home space — but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t see the merits. “I’m actually spiritually bankrupt, so the minute anything woo-woo starts happening, I’m like, ‘that’s not a thing,'” he explained. “However, having said that, sometimes when I hear about Feng Shui tactics, I’m like, ‘well, yeah, that’s just logical.'”

Kylie Jenner Showing Off Jonathan Adler Pillow
Courtesy of Kylie Jenner/Snapchat

Jonathan and his funky designs are a huge hit with the Kardashian and Jenner families. In fact, Kylie Jenner once showed off his Lip pillows (which bare a similar vibe to the original Kylie Cosmetics logo) on her couch during a Snapchat selfie session in 2018. Needless to say, having the support of one of the biggest families on the planet is huge — but the craftsman is all about staying humble.

“It is really amazing. It’s really sweet and flattering,” he dished on the Kar-Jenner approval. “But I actually never think about it because my truth is that I’m actually quite insular and just in my studio, so if and when people buy my stuff, I’m eternally grateful and kind of shocked myself.”