Ladies, don’t try this at home! Shailene Woodley recently opened up about perhaps the most unhealthy celebrity weight loss diet we’ve come across in quite some time — yes, including those lollipops all those Teen Moms were sucking on. Granted, it was for her new role in the film Adrift, but still, by all standards, it was seriously not OK.

For the role, Shailene plays Tami Oldham Ashcraft, a real life woman who was separated at sea from her husband, Richard Sharp, during one of the most “catastrophic hurricanes in recorded history.” Shailene’s character spends the next 41 days in desperate search of her husband, all while trying to navigate the harrowing reality of being at the mercy of the elements.


According to Daily Mail, the Big Little Lies star lived off a strict diet of “[one] can of salmon, some steamed broccoli, and two egg yolks every day” for the last two weeks of filming. Oh wait, but it gets worse. The 26-year-old revealed that because she “can’t sleep when she’s hungry” that she had to have “a glass of wine to basically pass the f–k out.”

shailene woodley weight loss

Speaking with The New Paper, Shailene attributed a lot her strength to support from Adrift co-star, Sam Claflin. “We were working extremely long hours out on the open sea. Sam and I were losing quite a bit of weight as we weren’t eating much,” she began. “So not having the fuel to run you physically, along with the emotional complexities that were incredibly taxing at times, mixed with the physicality, it could have been a gruelling experience,” Shailene continued.

“I don’t know that I could do it without Sam. We both really were there for one another in our moments of extreme exhaustion and hunger,” the Divergent star expressed.