Did Sheryl Crow get plastic surgery?

The 55-year-old is on the road promoting her latest album and fans can’t help but speculate that the singer went under the knife. After making an appearance on the Today Show, Sheryl’s tight, smooth skin had viewers thinking botox might be the reason for her flawless features!

The “Soak up the Sun” songstress recently revealed how she feels about aging.

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“Most people hate getting older,” she told People magazine. “There’s something liberating about being able to write [songs] for grownups. Like, everything at pop radio — which is fantastic — is geared sort of more towards young people. It’s just been liberating for me to be able to write about things that everybody over 30 is talking about. So, it’s been wonderful.”

Sheryl revealed that her career has changed a lot since she’s entered her 50’s and became a mom to sons Levi, 6, and Wyatt, 9.

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“That luxury of being able to be creative or inspired at whatever hour of the night I decide to go hang out with friends and drink a beer and write a song, that does not exist anymore,” she said. “I recorded an album, but only during their school hours. It was a good feeling to be home every night for dinner.”

Though she has not come forward about any cosmetic procedures, plastic surgeons have speculated that she’s gotten some botox and fillers, giving her that youthful look.

Either way, Sheryl is looking beautiful these days.

Scroll through the gallery below to see how much Sheryl has changed over the years!