So inspiring! Sister Wives star Aspyn Brown took to Instagram on Sunday, April 7 to spread a very important message about body positivity. The 24-year-old noticed that a lot of her fans and followers have been pointing out that it seemed like she lost some weight recently, so she decided to open up about her positive outlook about her own body image.

“While I am starting to be healthier by going to the gym and eating well, I don’t focus so much on the weight aspect,” Aspyn wrote in her Instagram caption. “I had a lot of confidence issues in relation to my body until the past couple of years when I decided to stop focusing so much on my weight and start just being healthy, which has been really great for me.”

She went on to explain that the reason why fans may think that she has lost weight recently is because she wears clothes that “compliment” her figure, and that she learned how to dress her body. She also expressed the importance of self-love and being kind to yourself, especially as a role model for younger girls.

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“I speak positively about my body, I love my body. There are days where I feel bad about myself, I feel like nothing looks good and wish for drastic results, but this is not my normal,” Aspyn continued. “I am proud of my body and plan to stay body positive throughout my life. I want to be someone people don’t hear worry about their weight, especially when I am around my little sisters and with Mitch’s and my daughter(s)?.”

For Aspyn, her health and fitness is all about balance. “I value the importance of eating healthy and being active, but I don’t shame myself when I skip a day (or 10) or eat a lot of chocolate because this doesn’t serve me,” she added. “So this is me in a swimsuit showing my off my thighs and tummy!! ☺️☀️ I have a healthy view of my body and wish the best for all of you to have the same. Please know you are all beautiful and loved no matter your looks or your size.”