She’s getting real about that post-baby life — and she’s touching on the things most women never talk about. Jersey Shore star Snooki, a.k.a. Nicole Polizzi, recently gave birth to baby No. 3, and on May 31, she took to Instagram to share a postpartum fashion joke with some “items” she would “sell” at her boutique, The Snooki Shop.

“New Style Coming Soon @thesnookishop #MomEdition,” the 31-year-old MTV star hilariously captioned a photo of hospital underwear, pads, gauze and other post-birth healing necessities.

Unsurprisingly, moms everywhere flooded the comments section to share all kinds of thoughts, reminiscing about needing a similar arsenal of tools to get them through the after-birth process.

“Disposable hospital underwear is the absolute jam and it does not get the credit it deserves,” one fan proudly wrote in the comments. “I stole an insane amount of them from the hospital and used every damn pair. Nothing like diapering yourself and your newborn. 💯👍”

Snooki Birth
Courtesy of Nicole Polizzi/Instagram

Another mama shared the reality check she got after she gave birth. “Just had my first baby last month, no idea what I was in for after birth,” she wrote. “You know it’s true love when your partner is helping you in the bathroom with everything going on down there 😭”

Generally speaking, the praise was real for this set of postpartum must-haves. “Call me crazy but I loved those underwear 😂😂,” a fan wrote, while another chimed in with a request: “I’ll take those mesh undies in a range of colors, thank you!”

Even the squirt bottle got some love. “The squirt bottle is where it’s at,” a follower wrote. Can’t survive without it! 💯”

Snooki and her husband, Jionni LaValle, welcomed their second son and third child, Angelo, on May 30, who now joins the couple’s two children, Giovanna Marie and Lorenzo Dominic, to make a family of five.

Congrats, mama, and as one follower said: “Oh, the memories 🤣UGH!”