Sofia Richie, Kylie Jenner Split Image
Courtesy of Sofia Richie/Instagram; Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Baddies only! Sofia Richie took to Instagram to show her bestie Kylie Jenner some well-deserved praise on a new post. “Baby,” the longtime Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 22, captioned a photo of herself wearing a black bodysuit and high-waisted leather slacks. 

Kylie paired the look with a stunning watch (likely a Rolex) and a Judith Leiber handbag shaped like a pair of lips! Naturally, Sofia had no problem hyping her up. “Suhhhhnatttttcheed,” the 21-year-old model commented. Basically, that’s Sofia’s exaggerated way of saying “snatched.”

Of course, it’s hardly a surprise that Scott Disick’s ladylove commented on Kylie’s picture. After all, they’re practically family at this point.“Kylie’s sisters tend to ‘yes’ her so she started going to Sofia for advice and very quickly Kylie was really surprised by how much they had in common,” a source exclusively told Life & Style on January 13.

“Don’t forget that Sofia grew up in a famous household, too. And, she has a famous sister, too, and she understands — even if it’s on a smaller level — everything that Kylie is going through,” the insider continued. “Now they’re like sisters — they share clothes and style tips and just genuinely like hanging out with each other.”

Sofia Richie and Kylie Jenner using a dog filter on Instagram
Courtesy of Kylie Jenner/Instagram

How sweet! It’s so important to have people you can really relate to. “Kylie and Sofia really first bonded over the fact that Kylie doesn’t have many people to confide in. Besides her sisters, that is,” the source added. “Sofia was always around the family and Kylie always knew she was very trustworthy because she’d never betray Scott — even if they broke up — and spill Kardashian secrets.”

Considering Scott, 36, and Sofia are getting pretty serious these days, we’re glad that she has Kylie’s unwavering support and friendship. “Like most couples, they have their ups and downs, but those close to them wouldn’t be surprised if Scott pops the question next year,” a separate insider told Life & Style in November. “He’s been saying Sofia’s ‘The One’ for a while now.”

OMG! Now Sofia and Kylie can be sisters for real … well, sort of.

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