Sigh. Will Sofia Richie ever catch a break when it comes to Scott Disick‘s never-ending relationship with Kourtney Kardashian? After the exes jetted off to NYC for a little family time with their three children, the 20-year-old model reportedly lost her cool. “Kourtney and Scott getting cozy again has made Sofia insecure as hell,” a source revealed to Heat magazine. Girl, we don’t blame you!

“She doesn’t understand the dynamic [Scott] has with Kourtney and it’s making her more and more uncomfortable,” the source continued. “She feels out of her depth because Kourt is older and more experienced when it comes to men.” 


Unsurprisingly, it appears that Sofia’s insecurities peaked when the KUWTK star called it quits with Younes Bendjima. “When Kourt was with Younes, Sofia worried less — but now [that] she’s single again, Sofia’s paying a lot more attention,” the source added. 

Beyond Scott and Kourtney traveling together, the 35-year-old also recently admitted that he wants more children… with his ex! Surely, that couldn’t have been easy for Sofia to hear. During a recent episode of KUWTK, Kim Kardashian confessed that Lord Disick said he wanted to have baby No. 4 with Kourt. 

To be fair, Kiki made it clear that the couple would be more likely to use IVF rather than the good ol’ fashioned way but still, hearing that your man wants to have another kid with his ex? Well, er, that’s not exactly a good sign. 

“Sofia wants to believe Scott when he says he’d never get back together with Kourt, but she’s not entirely convinced,” another source told Heat magazine. “Kourtney knows how to reel Scot in and she can always use the kids as a reason to see him.” TBH, we have a headache just thinking about this twisted love triangle. At the end of the day, as long as the little ones are well taken care of, that’s all that matters!