Turns out, Sofia Richie is incapable of taking a bad a picture. Case in point: Shortly after Scott Disick’s ladylove got caught in the rain on Wednesday, May 23, she decided to snap a selfie for her Instagram Story. Whereas most women would be plagued with mascara dripping down their faces and frizzy hair, the 20-year-old model looked … well, like a freakin’ model.

As envious as we are, we’re not entirely surprised to see that Sofia looks stunning in any instance. After all, she’s been posting some serious fire on the ‘Gram lately. From editorial photo shoots to glammed-up selfies, Sofia continues to slay the game.

Sofia Richie
Courtesy of Sofia Richie/Instagram

As it happens, though, her modeling career is quite where she wants it be. So much so, that the blonde beauty is hoping to get some advice on how to make it big from her beau’s pseudo sister-in-law Kendall Jenner. “Sofia’s big dream is to be a really successful model and she sees the way Kendall’s career has gone and wants that for herself,” a source exclusively revealed to Life & Style.

“It was major when she got to shoot an ad for Victoria’s Secret and she’s hoping that this year, she’ll get to make her debut in their runway show,” the source continued. Given Sofia’s unparalleled beauty and killer style, we have no doubt that she could work a runway with the best of ’em!

Unfortunately, she may have to make it happen without Kenny’s assistance. “In different circumstances, Sofia would love to get Kendall’s advice but the way it stands, the Kardashians just about tolerate her,” the source noted. D’aw, poor Sofia! Even so, it’s clear she has the drive and talent to make it happen all her own. Plus, we already know she’s comfortable shooting in water. Keep slaying, lady.

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