If there’s one thing Lifetime loves, it’s stalkers! We’ve come to know and love Lifetime movies for their dramatic storylines and over-the-top plot twists, so we have very high expectations for Saturday’s Stalked by a Reality Star, in which a 15-year-old girl named Kendra (Emily Bader), lies about her age to get into a Hollywood party, and ends up capturing the attention of an adult reality star named Brad (Robert Scott Wilson). Brad becomes obsessed with the teenager and go to great lengths — like hooking up with her mom! — just to get close to her. Actor Jordan Doww plays Kendra’s best friend Jake, and he gave Life & Style the exclusive scoop on the movie and his own experience with a crazed fan!

jordan doww, blue sky productions
Blue Sky Productions

Jordan as Jake.

Jordan, who also appears on successful Go90 series Relationship Status, plus his own popular YouTube channel, reveals that his character Jake might be the only thing standing between Kendra and her demise. “Jake is a cutie. He’s quite the charming, shy lad and loyal best friend to Kendra,” says Jordan. “He hopes that he’ll one day be more than friends, but he’s still an all-around great guy looking out for everybody’s best interest. He’s skeptical about Kendra’s new bae from the start, and Jake will go to any extremes if it means Kendra is safe. I can’t wait for you all to meet him!” However, it doesn’t sound like Jake will be doing so hot by the end of the film, as Jordan forshadows that “all I can say is, nice guys finish last!”

The 22-year-old admits that he’s a big fan of Lifetime movies, and getting to be in one was a dream come true. “Lifetime has always been a dream since the day I watched the movie Enough with the incredible Jennifer Lopez,” he explained. “My mom and I are avid fans of the channel and to now be premiering my TV debut with only my second movie is just incredible. Such a humbling experience.” He also said it was “amazing” to get to work with soap opera star Robert and TV star Cynthia Preston.

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Robert and Emily.

Believe it or not, Jordan has an intimate understanding of this film because he dealt with his own scary stalker situation. “A guy once found my address and continued to send me jock-straps in the mail for four months,” he recounted. The ordeal got so serious that he was forced to move out of his home! We can’t wait to see how he brings his real-life experience to the screen when Stalked by a Reality Star premieres on Lifetime on March 10 at 8/7c. Don’t miss it!