Supermodel? More like superhuman!

While it takes most mothers quite some time to shed the baby weight after giving birth, it only took Elena Perminova 60 days to look the way she does in her stunning new photo shoot for ‘Vogue Russia.’

elena perminova body birth supermodel
Vogue Russia

The right image was taken just two months after the 28-year-old gave birth to her third child with husband, media tycoon Alexander Lebedev, in April 2014. She was eight months pregnant on the left.

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So what’s her secret to getting back in to tip-top shape? “I started [exercising] just two weeks afterwards, even though I had a Caesarian. There were no breaks at weekends,” the Russian model told the fashion magazine.

elena perminova body birth supermodel
Vogue Russia

Elena with her family.

She continued, “Normally doctors say ‘yes’ to sport only three months after giving birth. But I started earlier, just two weeks afterwards, even though I had a Caesarian. The doctor allowed me to do it because I felt very well. Naturally, at first I was not exercising a lot, or there was a risk to breastfeeding.

“And the main thing — I did not exercise my stomach. It is dangerous to do it right after birth.”

Elena would often do small exercises while her infant napped. “For example, I ‘stand’ on my knees and elbows and lift my legs one by one.”

elena perminova body birth supermodel

Instagram was also a big motivator.

“Thanks to the social networks, sports become accessible. You do not need to hire a celebrity coach. It is enough to follow their account and watch a couple of videos. I like the account of Australian Instagram star Kayla Itsines (@kayla_itsines),” she said. “She has a million followers. She is a distinguished fitness instructor and she posts exercises which you can do anywhere and without special equipment.”

During a family trip to Cyprus, the blonde beauty went jogging for two hours each day with her husband.

And, of course, diet played a major factor.

“If I eat a lot of pastry and sweets, I will not put on weight but I can easily get cellulite or acne,” said Elena, who is mom to daughter Arina, now 9 months, and two sons Nikita, 5, and Egor, 3. “This is why I am trying to eat the right food — simple homemade fare, for example, steamed fish with lemon juice.”

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Oh, and here’s what she looked like just SEVEN days after welcoming their new addition:

elena perminova body birth supermodel

(Photo Credit: Instagram

Not. Fair.