As the youngest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, 20-year-old Tallulah Willis has lived her whole life in the spotlight.

“I had people when I was 13 telling me how ugly I was, and how could two beautiful actors create such hideous troll children?” she admitted to Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric.

Tallulah opened up about the challenges she’s faced, including body dysmorphia and substance abuse, for “The What’s Underneath Project,” a movement started to combat the fashion industry’s idea of beauty. In the video series, participants talk about their insecurities while removing their clothing, down to the underwear.

tallulah willis

Tallulah Willis with (from left) Rumer Willis, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis and Scout Willis circa 2001

Tallulah, who arrived home from rehab two months ago, said wanted to do the series as a way to celebrate her sobriety and help others who may be experiencing similar struggles.

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“So many people are telling me, ‘You inspired me,’” she revealed. “I guess I didn’t understand that this is such a communal fault line, that is running through every individual on this planet that whether it’s hidden or not hidden, that we all feel this certain sense of insecurity.”

In case anyone needs proof of Tallulah’s transformation, the celebrity kid fearlessly shaved her head on Tuesday, debuting the bald look on Instagram. Believe us, you have to have a whole lot of confidence to do a thing like that!

tallulah willis

Learn more about “The What’s Underneath Project” in the video below: