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Taylor Lautner Has Come a Long Way Since ‘Twilight’ — but He’ll Always Be Jacob Black to Us!

It's hard to believe it has been a decade since Taylor Lautner took on the role of Jacob Black in Twilight — and stole our hearts in the process. Despite his unrequited love for Bella, we have never stop being Team Jacob and or following Taylor's career since his days as a werewolf came to an end.

Following his time on the popular vampire series, Taylor went on to star in the star-studded comedy Valentine's Day before becoming a bonafide action star in Abduction. However, despite his success on the big screen, he'll always have a soft spot for Twilight. "As an actor, having an opportunity to work with some of the people in this franchise [has been great]," he told Collider. "It was amazing to play the same character, but have different input each time. That’s an actor’s dream… It was an amazing experience. I love Jacob! I really respect him, in so many different ways, and he has so many qualities to him that I’d love to bring with me, like his loyalty and his persistence."

Along with being a hottie — have you seen his abs? — Taylor has also shown off his comedic chops on the big and small screen, appearing in Grown Ups 2 and The Ridiculous 6 alongside Adam Sandler. His most recent role was as Dr. Cassidy Cascade in Scream Queens, which came to an end far too early in our opinion. So, can we expect more shirtless moments from our favorite former werewolf in the neart future? Not so fast! "I find myself rebelling against it now," he said in 2016. "It if doesn’t make sense for me to be shirtless, let’s not do it. I have done so much of that in my time. I didn’t feel that in this."

We can't wait to see what's next for the actor! Keep scrolling below to see how much Taylor has changed over the years!