Love is in the air! While Bachelor in Paradise stars Taylor Nolan and Derek Peth haven’t publicly confirmed their engagement, during tonight’s finale, it’s been widely reported that the 30-year-old commercial banker proposes to the 23-year-old mental health counselor.

Former cast mate Matt Munson — who left the summer series without finding love — exclusively dished about their relationship to Life & Style. “All I can say is if anyone deserves that, if anybody deserves to see their way through to the end, and come out of the whole thing with a ring, it’s Taylor and Derek,” Matt gushed. “There’s no better guy than Derek to put that ring on her finger. He’s an awesome guy. The two of them, it seems so right, and I think it was natural.”

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The 32-year-old added, “I’ve talked to them since, and Derek is like, ‘Yeah, she got me.’ I don’t think either of them saw it coming. I know that neither of them saw it coming. So that’s the best part, and I know that even Taylor was a little uncertain about if she should even be there, then for her to go ahead and meet a great guy like Derek, it proves that the thing can work for some people.”

Matt previously left BiP after some drama with Jasmine Goode, but we may not have seen the last of him on TV. He said he could be talked into returning for The Bachelor Winter Games in February. “I would have to highly consider it because I think it’s going to be more fun and more competition-based,” he explained when asked if he would take part in the spin-off.

“I don’t think it’s going to be all about finding love or hooking up. I think that the Winter Games will be a breath of fresh air, I think it’s what we all need to get out our frustration,” he shared. “You know the competition, even on my season, when you get a bunch of alpha males under one roof, we want to compete. That’s the spirit of the show. So I think that it will be just what the doctor ordered. I would love to be part of it if it came my way. But only, like I said, if it was more competition-based rather than the dating, the hooking up, the falling in love.”

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