We don't wanna live forever if it means living without Taylor Swift's Fourth of July parties.

T-Swift is known for a lot of things: writing deeply personal songs about her love life, having a girl squad full of leggy models, and most importantly, throwing the most legendary Fourth of July parties. How many other stars can have celebs ranging from Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds to supermodel Gigi Hadid come to their Rhode Island beach house for some old-fashioned slip-n-slide fun? The answer is simple… no one… literally no one except the Queen of Pop herself.

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So, imagine the surprise of Swifties (and literally everyone else on the planet, tbh) when Taylor threw tradition to the wind and didn't throw a party this year. We get that she's taking a break to focus on herself but come on — how much time does one pop star need?! We guess we'll just have to resort to drooling over her pics from last year…


To say that her fans took this news well would be a lie. Since everyone expected to see some new pics of the star (she hasn't posted to Instagram since May) it was a huge let down when the holiday came and went without even a single flag cake or red white and blue swimsuit. This huge disappointment hit Taylor fans hard and so they naturally took to Twitter to voice their outrage.

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Well, the good news is that there are more celebrities on this planet than Taylor. And those celebs didn't choose to skip the one holiday that basically kicks off summer. As for Taylor's iconic parties? Well, let's hope we have better luck next year.

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