Are you ready for it?! After performing songs from her new album Reputation on Saturday Night Live last night, fans are wondering if Taylor Swift has gained some weight — but honestly, who cares if she did!

The 27-year-old singer performed songs like “… Ready for It?” and “Call It What You Want,” which is rumored to be about her British boyfriend Joe Alwyn. But Taylor’s voice isn’t all some viewers could focus on.

“Am I the only one that has noticed Taylor Swift gaining weight? And thinks she looks a gazillion times better?” one fan tweeted, and another wrote, “I love the fact that Taylor Swift as gained a lil [sic] weight! she looks so healthy and strong.”

And it seems like those fans were right! Before the premiere of her sixth studio album, Taylor held listening sessions for lucky fans. One such fan who goes by the Twitter name @SwiftBethany13st revealed that at the Rhode Island sessions, Taylor admitted that she’s put on “15 pounds.”

“At the [secret session] she was like ‘I gained 15 pounds and everyone thinks I’m pregnant, I’m not,'” @SwiftBethany13st claimed Taylor said.

taylor swift snl 2

Taylor at SNL in 2015 vs. at SNL in 2017.

According to the fan, Taylor also addressed pregnancy rumors and the rude run-ins with paparazzi during her down-time.

“[Taylor] also said about how the paps are really rude and would yell mean things at her like she’s pregnant,” she continued. “You could tell she was hurt by it.”

Taylor’s weight isn’t the only part of her body many people have been scrutinizing since she largely fell out of the public eye after her fallout with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. It’s also been speculated that Tay has undergone plastic surgery, getting breast implants. While the singer has neither confirmed nor denied, we imagine it must be pretty frustrating to have so much attention focused on her body rather than her music, especially when her latest album is projected to break the records of 1989.