Whether you were Team Tayvin or Team Hiddleston, there’s no denying that the world got whiplash from the speed that Taylor Swift moved on from Calvin Harris to Tom Hiddleston. The 27-year-old singer released her sixth studio album — Reputation — on Nov. 10, and fans are already analyzing the meaning behind her emotionally-charged lyrics. One song that stands out is “Getaway Car” where the singer croons, “I wanted to leave him / I needed a reason.” So, did Taylor dump Calvin for a Tom after all?

In case you need a refresher, Taylor and Calvin suddenly ended their 15-month-long relationship on June 1, 2016, after Taylor had just called it “magical” in a Vogue interview. Then (a mere two weeks later) Taylor was photographed getting cozy with Tom on June 15, 2016. Hmmm… and to add insult to injury, they were also spotted dancing together at the Met Gala on May 2, 2016, when she and Calvin were still allegedly together. But, that little overlap supports that the aforementioned lyric is about this little love-triangle. She needed a reason to dump Cal and well, Tom fit the bill.

taylor swift tom hiddleston

Taylor sings, “The ties were black, the lies were white / The shades of grey in candlelight,” so it’s safe to say that if this song is about Calvin, that their relationship had its flaws. Especially since after they ended and Taylor’s camp revealed that she wrote his and Rihanna‘s mega-hit “This Is What You Came For,” he came for his ex-girlfriend in a series of since-deleted tweets. It’s like she sings in the the song: “We were cursed.”

But, “Getaway Car” isn’t just a great song because it might be about Taylor and Calvin’s dramatic split. No, it’s a great song because it tells a story of a doomed relationship even if it isn’t entirely autobiographical. It’s like Taylor wrote in her lyrical booklet, “As if the inspiration for music is as simple and basic as a paternity test.”