She’s all about whatever makes you feel good — and that’s why we love model Tess Holliday. The 32-year-old bombshell has always been open about her approach to conventional beauty standards … but she’s also not afraid to play into them if it feels right for her. That being said, we decided to investigate whether or not Tess has ever dipped her toe in the plastic surgery pond and the results of our sleuthing may actually surprise you.

Back in May, Dr. Ashkan Ghavami shared a now-deleted post from Tess’s Instagram where she details a bit of her approach to plastics and injectables. “Visited my friend @drghavami for a little [nonsurgical] refresh,” she originally captioned the post, before making sure to give her two cents on the stigma of having work done.

“People like to say that getting plastic surgery can’t be body positive, but of course it can be! It’s your body to present how you wish. What ISN’T body positive is getting cosmetic procedures and not being honest about it, because that just sets up another unattainable beauty standard,” she continued. And she’s not wrong — which is why it’s so cool to see her open about it.

At the end of the day, her main thought is the personal benefit one gets from a procedure … not just how they’ll present to others. “Just make sure that you are doing it for YOU and not because of what other people think,” she concluded. “And in the immortal words of the very enhanced Dolly Parton, who I have tattooed on me — ‘it costs a lot of money to look this cheap!'”

The doc also shared a regram of an Instagram Story she shot in his office the same day. “I am here seeing my friend Dr. Ghavami, the best in the biz, to get a little baby refresh … but you’d never know,” she gushed in the video, to which the board-certified surgeon added, “Exactly, because we keep them guessing and if you notice, she is all real, this doesn’t mean a thing because not even a filter is being used.”

An expert gave Life & Style his exclusive two cents on what Tess may have done to keep herself ~fresh~ — and it seems as though those nonsurgicals are her go-to. “Tess has had laser resurfacing of her neck and face to tighten and remove fat nonsurgically,” Dr. Norman Rowe, who has not treated Tess, explained. “She has also had botox to her brow and face.”

We’re all about celebrating the real and the fake, as long as it makes you happy.