Every season of The Bachelor has a villain.

Olivia Caridi held the title on Ben Higgins' season last year after winning the first impression rose and taking a not-so-subtle dig at single mom Amanda Stanton. This season, the baton has been passed to business "owner" and nap-lover Corinne Olympios — and Olivia reveals to Life & Style exclusively that she deserves it.

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"I love Corinne, and it's not even just because she is the villain," Olivia told Life & Style at the E!, Elle, and IMG's New York Fashion Week kick-off event. "Well, thank God she's on the show because she makes it and she reminds me a lot of myself and my edits. I love her, she's great."

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Along with praising her Bachelor mini-me, the blonde beauty also opened up about Nick Viall's emotional season, and who she thinks is going to walk away with the final rose.

"Last episode, it looked a little bit sketchy," she said when asked if Nick would finally find love. "I feel like he has to find love because it's his fourth time and if he doesn't, that's a problem, but I think it will get better."

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She continued, "I'm questioning it right, but I'm sticking with my gut — I think it's Vanessa. But, it's been a little funky lately. I'm still sticking with my girl."

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Nick with Vanessa on the season premiere.

This past Monday, Vanessa revealed she was "fed up" with the process following a disastrous group date that involved a game of volleyball.

"How can my relationship get to another level when all Nick is experiencing is me being competitive at a volleyball game?" she asks while fighting back tears. "I'm just fed up with it. I'm fed up with having to compete for time. I'm fed up with having to get his attention."

She continued, "And the fact that I have to go through these next few weeks having to deal with all the competition and all the gossip and all the talk, it's so annoying. I've been so patient."

We're Team Vanessa too, Olivia! For everything you need to know about Corinne, click through the gallery below!