He's got a bad reputation. New Zealand Bachelor is a late addition to The Bachelor Winter Games — because visa issues — and he arrives with a lot of baggage. Jordan Mauger is infamous down under for reportedly flipping a coin to decide who to give his final rose to.

While he ultimately went with Fleur Verhoeven in the finale of his season of the reality dating competition, it wasn't long until his unusual decision-making process was revealed and he was vilified by the media. “Unfortunately, I knew early on that I wasn’t connecting with anyone on the show. I’ve fallen for women before and felt the butterflies and I just wasn’t feeling it," he told Entertainment Tonight. "I felt terrible [for] leading on the girls who were genuine… which was very few. The majority wanted more Instagram followers and free s–t after the show. But out of the genuine girls, I think they knew the chemistry wasn’t there.”

But did Jordan really flip a coin before he proposed on national television? According to the 32-year-old, yes he did. "I flipped the coin," he told his co-stars on Winter Games. "What happened is the girl that won went on the news without telling me and said I dumped her… from there anything I said or did was white noise."

However, he is back on the reality show for "redemption" and seems legitimately excited for another chance of love — and this time he promises to do it without a coin. "I did get the experience I hoped for on the show and the highlight was being emotionally mature, vulnerable and allowing someone to connect with me on that level,” he added of his experience on the American version of the dating competition. “[After] the whole s–t show of my experience in New Zealand, it felt like an important step to go there and have a moment of just enjoyment and putting my heart on the line. There were times I would go into interviews and be smiling ear-to-ear because I was just so happy." If you want to see if Jordan finds love on Winter Games, be sure to check out some spoilers here.

Where is Fleur Verhoeven today?

At the time of her breakup with Jordan, Fleur opened up about the controversy. "The only thing that annoys me is that he was never completely honest with me, I would have respected him much more if he'd said, 'Hey listen I don't have any feelings for you, I was just doing this for the show,'" she told Stuff New Zealand. "I always had his back and for him to continuously humiliate not just me but all the girls, that was the moment I just went enough is enough." Today, she seems to have found love again and recently posted about her new boyfriend on Instagram. "Who would have thought 7 years ago when we met we’d be together on this very day," she wrote. Good for her!

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