Just like any normal kid, 9-year-old Kim Kardashian struggled with her emotions while her parents went through a divorce.

Now in never-before-seen documents from his divorce from then-wife, Kris, the late Robert Kardashian delved into the then psyches of his daughters, Khloé, 28, Kourtney, 33, and Kim, 32.

Robert wrote that young Kim didn't outwardly react to the divorce, adding that she had a tendency to cry when she was alone. He also noted that a usually outgoing Kim tried to maintain B's and C's in her fifth-grade class, but that social situations were difficult because her friends would avoid her due to her family issues.

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Like Kim, Kourtney also faced social problems because of her family life, Robert wrote, adding that 10-year-old Kourtney was withdrawn and showed a major change in personality during the split.

Unlike her sisters, Khloé, who was only 5 at the time of Kris and Robert’s divorce, marched to the beat of her own drum. Robert claimed his youngest daughter made her own rules and was very independent.

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